About Us

Launched in 2021. Tampa FL, USA Based.  At Alice Allure we offer a stunning collection of Authentic Vintage Clothing, Dresses, and Tuxedos. Every item in our store has some type alluring quality about it. It's meant to captivate someone's attention, and that's how it's made it to our store.  Who we are...Life long friends and business partners, Owner Kim Clark and Photographer Megan Achtzener.  Aside from being friends and fierce lady entrepreneurs, we're both artists that have a love for pretty vintage things. Who's Alice...Nana of Owner Kim Clark, The Legacy and Mission behind our Brand. Being an Alice is being truly beautiful inside and out...-xo  P.S. Follow us to see what we have planned next...For custom stylist inquiries or general questions, use the contact form at the bottom of our site, or send email to aliceallure.kim@gmail.com

Kim Clark